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the vision

Anthropological film ventures into people´s everyday lives, with the intention of creating cross-cultural understanding between human beings.

It reflects on aspects of human daily life with cultural, artistic, anthropological and philosophical value. It is a sensorial experience, a visceral way of grasping the world. It is a way of democratising knowledge, as it allows viewers to access corners of the world and walks of life they otherwise might not be able to experience.

As visual anthropologists we immerse into the lives of others, observing by participating and documenting with respect, gratitude and compassion. Anthropological film reaches your mind and heart, and strives for opening both.

CinéTrans is an organisation which develops, implements and promotes activities relating to visual anthropology.

To do anthropology, I venture, is to dream like the Ojibwa. As in a dream, it is continually to open up the world, rather than seek closure.

- Tim Ingold

Services of CinéTrans:

  • anthropological film projects
  • editing
  • web development
  • organising conferences and seminars
  • mentoring anthropological filmmaking at workshops / seminars / summer schools.
Ralph Veraart

Ralph is Dutch and has over ten years of experience in project development and implementation in Romania and Norway.

Ralph Veraart

Visual anthropologist & Filmmaker

Orsolya Veraart

Orsolya is Hungarian from Transylvania. In recent years she has been working as a film selection committee member of the Nordic Anthropological Film Association. 

Orsolya Veraart

Visual Anthroplogist & Filmmaker

Peter I. Crawford Advisor CinéTrans

Peter I. Crawford is an anthropologist, publisher and filmmaker. He has been an active member of the Nordic Anthropological Film Association since the late 1970s. He has written extensively on visual anthropology and ethnographic filmmaking and has wide experience in teaching the subject both theoretically and practically.

Peter I. Crawford Advisor CinéTrans

Visual anthropologist, Publisher & Filmmaker

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